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MacBeth's Store has been a recognizable landmark in Cook Forest State Park for many, many years.  For many people it is THE place to meet and coordinate the days activities.  Open daily early in the morning and late into the evening, our friendly staff are here to give you directions, help you get your fire started, gear you up with supplies for the day, or just offer you a comfortable bench to relax and watch passerby.

As a store, MacBeth's carries about everything that someone camping or vacationing in the area might need.  Trust us, we've been here long enough to know what you'll need.  From gas and auto parts for your car, to batteries or mantles for the lantern, propane, groceries, snacks and deli foods, ice for the coolers, firewood and starter, magazines and books, cigarettes, hunting and fishing licenses, maps ... we've got a little of everything.  And more importantly, we're just about the only place to get these things in the area, without leaving the park!

MacBeth's Store is more than a store though.  It's a place to meet people, a hangout ... a place to get going in the morning or to relax after a busy day.  So come check us out.  Ask us about the park.  Get your supplies or just hang out.  We welcome everyone!

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15361 Route 36 PO Box 115, Cooksburg, PA 16217

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TEL: 1-800-331-6319


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