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A Poem About MacBeth's Cabins and Cook Forest

From Rachel Kloecker:

All of my life Cooks Forest has been my favorite place,
Though some people hear me mention cabins and make a face,
With no TV, radio or computer, some people would hate it
like a dog hates the pound.
But I can't stop thinking about it all year round,
it really is just a normal vacation spot,
But for me, it is not,
It has in so much more,
There're little things like the sound of the porch screen door,
Or the smell of pine in the air,
But mostly it's the wonderful memories I have of there,
Of singing in the rain one warm night,
Of climbing the steep Seneca trail with all of my might,
Of eating hotdogs and marshmallows till I'm on overload,
Of taking midnight walks along river road,
Of waking up early to get dad coffee at the store,
Of sitting on the old brown fence till our butts get sore,
With my cousins and family, this, is what I live for!

Kloecker's, Cabin 16

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