Cabin 17

This is a two bedroom cabin that sleeps eight people.

There are two bedrooms, each having two double beds. There's a large living room with dining table and couches, kitchen and a fireplace. There is a bathroom with a toilet and shower.


This cabin overlooks the Clarion River.

Rental Rates

Nightly: $230.00

Weekly: $1150.00

Daily Deposit: $230.00, Weekly: $460.00

Deposits are non-refundable and non-transferable. 

A few sidenotes ...

- Large families or groups might consider renting several cabins to better accomodate everyone's needs.

- Some firewood is provided with cabins having fireplaces.  Additional firewood is available at our store.

- We rent by the week only between Memorial Day and Labor Day.

- Where is my cabin located?  See our Cabin Locator Map.

- Check out this poem about MacBeth's and Cook Forest!

Story Time!

A guest noticed a wasp nest outside of their cabin and requested for a staff member to handle the situation. The staff member went up and sprayed the nest, when suddenly a bat flew out from a nearby crevice. The bat latched onto the lady’s back, and she responded by immediately screaming and running around outside of the cabin. The staff member, who was not exactly athletic, gave chase in attempt to help. The lady’s mother and daughter sat at the picnic table and watched on, dumbfounded, as the lady lapped the cabin, screaming with a bat on her jacket while the staff member attempted to catch up. Eventually, the bat flew off on its own and everyone resumed their normal activities. 

In the mid-2000s, Mike had driven the backhoe up to Cabin 17 when he got off to visit with guests. A few minutes later, the guests’ son exclaimed “Dude, your backhoe!” Mike looked to see his backhoe tumbling down the hill, where it miraculously came to a rest on the road below. 

Our Address

15361 Route 36 PO Box 115, Cooksburg, PA 16217

Contact Us

TEL: 1-800-331-6319


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