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Cabin 5

This is a two room cabin that sleeps four.

There are two double beds and a couch in the combination living/sleeping room, a kitchen with dining table, and a bathroom with toilet and shower.


This cabin is located on the Clarion River.

Rental Rates

Nightly: $190.00

Weekly: $950.00

Daily Deposit: $190.00, Weekly: $380.00

Deposits are non-refundable and non-transferable. 

A few sidenotes ...

- Large families or groups might consider renting several cabins to better accomodate everyone's needs.

- Some firewood is provided with cabins having fireplaces.  Additional firewood is available at our store.

- We rent by the week only between Memorial Day and Labor Day.

- Where is my cabin located?  See our Cabin Locator Map.

- Check out this poem about MacBeth's and Cook Forest!

Pine Spruce Branches 11

Story Time!

A gentleman had been coming to Cabin 5 for 70 years. He had always been very particular about things, from the brightness of the lightbulbs to the setup of the lamps. One year, this gentleman started to mention a rattle he heard while relaxing in the cabin. Every year, Mike MacBeth and crew would inspect the cabin but never heard the rattle. It became a running joke between this gentleman, his family, and the staff that the he was just hearing things. Finally, after a few years, Mike was determined to locate the sound. He sat in the cabin swapping stories with the gentleman until – finally! – the rattle sound made its appearance. The sound came from some pipes, was promptly fixed, and now Mike was teased for not believing the man.

Have a story about this cabin you’d like to share? We’d love to hear it! Email us at

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